Hi there!

It’s Katie & Steph here, owners of Yeah the Girls 4×4!
Welcome to our community of over 8000 female-only private members who own four-wheel drives.

In 2016 Katie started our with this great idea to bring girls across the country together with their common interests in 4wdriving, and now, our network has now flourished into a tribe of like-minded women, getting together across Australia & New Zealand, offering support, advice and most importantly having fun.

We have over 70 leaders in our community who all play an important role in keeping our network running. From the online team who monitor the group to guides, regional coordinators, and State leaders who run the amazing events for the girls to attend!

2020 saw a huge growth for YTG4X4 which in turn created the need for an extra hand. Steph has partnered with Katie to bring the best out of our community & we’re so excited to see whats to come!

We encourage any girls to join our group and come along on driving, camping, or social events.

Find us at @ytg4x4 on Instagram and be sure to join our close Female ONLY Facebook Group!